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Environmental Impact Tracking and Reporting Software

1. Implement Green Initiatives

Purchase environmentally friendly products from your existing vendors or from us! Implement Green Initiatives like office recycling programs and biking to work

2. Capture & Upload

Upload your current procurement list with your latest office supply orders. Then fill out a brief survey on your office’s other Green Initiatives

3. Track & Market

Our software calculates the cumulative environmental savings of your green initiatives and provides you with an embeddable Impact Report so you can market your positive impact

Simple & Powerful

Downloadable Sustainability Reports

Use this report to market your initiatives to customers, employees, and investors - embed it on your website, include it in your annual report, or send it around to your workforce

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eco-Match?

We will look at your organization's procurement and operations and send you a list of green procurement & environmental initiatives for your business to start implementing today based on the highest impact and lowest cost!

How do you estimate the environmental savings?

We calculated the impact of these initiatives through an immense amount of research, which aggregates a number of government and non-profit studies all from reputable & trusted sources

Which environmental initiatives are included?

Everything you can think of from your employees riding a bike to work to using LED light bulbs & Energy Saver appliances. If we're missing something important, let us know and we'll add it in!

Do you offer white-label services?

Yes we do under certain conditions. Please email us for more info.

Do you have extra marketing materials?

Yes, when you sign up we'll send to your email logos and downloadable material to market alongside your sustainability report!

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime during the trial?

Of course. Anytime. No questions asked.

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